UK is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its rich historical heritage and culture are attracting more and more tourists to England , and more widely to the UK. Depending on your nationality, the length or purpose of your stay, you may need a Visa.

European Union citizens wishing to stay in one of the UK countries, such as England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland , only need passport , or their identity card , provided that the document is valid. Thus, they do not need a visa for tourism, as long as their stay is for tourist purposes and does not exceed 6 months . Once arrived at our British friends, however, each citizen must proceed to register in the city of his stay, by completing a registration certificate available in town hall.

Non-EU nationals may, depending on their nationality, visit England and other UK countries without Visa, where nationals of other countries may need to obtain a Visa , at the risk of seeing you deny access to the country. At present, the list of countries that can stay in England are subject to change at any time by the authorities , in particular according to the news or recommendations of the host country.

To make sure you can travel to the UK based on your nationality, please contact the UK Embassy in your country. Indeed, only its members can inform you precisely if you need a Visa or not. If this is the case, they will provide you with the documents to complete for your visa application and a list of supporting documents .


On our website,, you will get complete information about all the requirements (like UK visit visa fee, application form, documents required etc. ) and the procedure to apply for the UK visitor visa.


UK Visit Visa (Standard Visit Visa)

This visa lets you visit UK: to visit family members, as tourist or for business visitor purposes or for medical check up. Previously, there was a separate visa category for each of these visit purposes. But now most of the visit visa categories have been merged under the tittle of "Standard Visitor Visa"). These visas are applied for a period of 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years.

You might be able to get this visa if you are travelling to UK If:

  • you will leave the United Kingdom when you have finished your visit (within 6 months)

  • you can support yourself and any dependents during your intended trip and the pay for your return or onward journey

  • you should have proof of any (business,tourist,family or otherwise) activities you want to do in the UK

Length of stay:
​Up to six  months, in one visit

What you can do:
You can:

  • have a holiday

  • visit family and friends

  • undertake business visitor activities

  • go through medical check up or treatment 

  • study upto 30 days

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