Complete information about UK Visitor Visa

UK Standard Visit Visa - An introduction 


You can apply online for a UK visitor visas if you seem to fulfil the following visa eligibility. In most cases, this visa allows you to visit UK on multiple occasions within 6 months from the date of the grant of the visa. This visa can be applied for a duration of 6 months, 2, 5 or 10 yeras .

The Standard UK Visitor Visa has replaced the following (previous) visit visa categories:​

  • Family Visit visa

  • General Visit visa

  • Child Visit visa

  • Business Visitor visa

  • Sports Visit visa

  • Entertainer Visit visa

  • Prospective Entrepreneur (Visit) visa

  • Private Medical Treatment Visit visa

  • Approved Destination Status (Visit) visa

 Eligibility UK Standard Visitor Visa  

You might be able to get this visa if you are travelling to UK If:

  • you will leave the United Kingdom when you have finished your visit (within 6 months)

  • you can support yourself and any dependents during your intended trip and the pay for your return or onward journey

  • you should have proof of any (business,tourist,family or otherwise) activities you want to do in the UK

 UK (Standard) Visitor Visa Requirements / Document Check List 

  1. Valid travel document (e.g.national passport)

  2. Bank statements

  3. Bank Letter

  4. proof of earnings such as a letter from employer with employment details

  5. Or business documents

  6.  Confirmation of legal residence, if you are not a national of the country in which you are applying for the visa

  7. If you have stated to be a student in your visa application, then a letter from your education provider, on headed paper, confirming your enrollment and leave of absence

  8. If you are going to the UK for business or professional reasons (or for for performances and entertainment visitors), to attempt activities related to your occupation/work outside the UK you ought to submit records indicating what you will do in the UK, including any letters from the associations or organization which is inviting you to visit the UK

  9. A birth certificate for under 18 and if they are not travelling with their parents,a signed letter from their parent(s) confirming details of the person accompanying you, and details of care and accommodation arranged in the UK

  10. 2 Passport size photos (with white background with size 45mm X 35mm)

  11. Previous passports, if any

  12. Evidence of your marital status which could include a marriage certificate, a civil partnership certificate, a divorce certificate or a death certificate

  13. Details about your dependents and who will take care of them in your absence

  14. If you applying as a tourist visitor,a plan of your journey (if you have one).This could include: bookings or tickets for any excursions, trips and outings, email conversations about any excursions, trips and outings

If you are on a family visit to the UK, being sponsored by someone from the UK, the you may need the following:

  1. Sponsor letter(s) from your sponsor in the UK

  2. The evidence of the (sponsor / sponsors) immigration status in the UK, this could be copies of, bio-data pages from their passports OR valid visa or immigration stamp from their passport OR Home Office, confirming permission to stay in the UK.

  3. Documentary evidence of any reason why you want to visit the sponsor in the UK.

  4. Any documentary evidence that you have been in contact with your sponsor recently. This can include documentary evidences, of the phone call record, e-mail messages or personal visits record, whatsApp record etc.

  5. Documentary evidence that your sponsor has a spare bedroom for your stay. This can be his property papers / a letter from the council / Tenancy agreement.

  6. Documentary evidence that your sponsor is currently employed / running his own business and paying taxes. 

  7. Proof of his / her weekly / monthly or annually income, as the case may be. This can include the pay slips or letter from the accountant in case of business.

  8. The tax returns of the sponsor. 

  9. His bank statements 

  10. If he is your blood-related relative, please provide evidence of the relationship. 

  11.  A copy of his/her driving license

  12. Any two utility bills in the name of the sponsor.

 Applying for the UK (Standard) Visitor Visa 


Follow the following steps for applying for this visa:

 1.   Prepare your documents

Prepare the above-referred documents (UK Visitor Visa Documents Check List). This is the very first thing to do.

 2.   Apply online for the UK (Standard) Visitor Visa

You will have to apply online for this visa. For this you will have to get yourself registered to apply for the visa. In case you are already registered (you have applied previously), then you need to simply login. In both cases, as the next step, you have to apply online. Click here to go to their official website to apply for the UK visa.


 3.   Pay the Visa Fee​

The visa fee for the main applicant (if you are applying online or by post) is £1228/- and £1228/- for each dependents.  All visa fees are nonrefundable in case your visa application has been processed. You will have to pay the visa fees by debit or credit card only. You pay this visa fee as the part of your online visa application process. So keep your credit card (open to make online transaction) ready before you apply for the visa. 

A Standard Visitor visa fee is £89 for a six month visa.

The following fees apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa depending upon its length:

  • 2 years - £337

  • 5 years - £612

  • 10 years - £767​

 4.   Go for Biometric​ for the Rest of the Visa Process

You’ll need to have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre as part of your application. For this you will need to book an appointment as part of the  online visa application process. You can choose to have an appointment for biometrics at a visa centre close to you, out of the given choices. You need to present a hard copy of the visa application (submitted online) along with all supporting documents, when you go for biometrics. 

You should keep in mind you can book an appointment for biometrics at a visa centre ONLY after you have paid visa fee in your online visa application. ​

 5.   After you apply

Wait for a reply from the British High Commission / British Embassy. You can be notified both by e-mail and the phone.  In most of the cases, you are called for a visa interview to the nearest British High Commission / British Embassy. In this interview, you can be asked detail questions regarding your previous work and immigration history (if any) and also about your proposed business plan. 

 Visa Details  

What you can and cannot do on Standard Visitor 

What you can do:


  • You can take part in any of the business-related activities mentioned in the visa rules

  • You can study a short course for up to 30 days. However it should not be the main reason of your visit

  • Convert your civil partnership into a marriage

  • While on your way to another country you can pass through the UK in transit

  • Visit your family / friends in the UK

  • Do recreational activities 

You cannot:


  • Do any paid or unpaid work

  • Stay longer than 6 months in one visit

  • Get public funds

  • Take part in an education exchange programme 

  • Marry or register a civil partnership, 

Visa FEE

A Standard Visitor visa costs £93.

The fee for a long-term Standard Visitor visa depends on its length:

2 years - £350
5 years - £636
10 years - £798

How long the visa processing takes

The visa processing for this visa can take from 1 - 4 weeks on average.​

 Visa Tips 

  1. Make sure that you fulfill the visa requirements at Macro and Micro levels, before you apply for the visa.  Most visa refusals are due to incomplete documents / information at details level. 

  2. Try to use the services of a professional visa consultant before applying for any step of the visa process. This is because if you make a big mistake in your application, no one can help you after you have lodged this application.

  3. Always get an assessment of your case for a certain visa class even before making any decision.

  4. Australian government keeps on suspending different visa sub classes for certain period of time from time to time. Make sure that your selected visa sub class is still open.