Do you dream of immigrating to Australia or al least visiting it? It is surely through work, that is to say, your job, your skills and your professional experiences that you will find the gateway to this beautiful coveted island-continent.

How to navigate among the multiple existing Australian visas? We review here with you the main features of the most common Australian visas. You can choose the visa which suits your purpose of going to Australia. Whether you want to go there for fun, to see / join your spouse or family, or you just want to migrate to Australia and settle down there for the rest of your life, we will have something for you!

Australian Immigration Visas

If you live overseas and you'd like the opportunity to live and work in Australia, the first step is to find out more about the visa options that are available to you. Push the following button to see most popular type of Australian immigration visas. 

Australian Student Visas

Australia has world class universities, practical vocational colleges and outstanding English language schools to support international students. If you are looking to study in Australia for an extended period of time, an Australian Student Visa is your best starting point. Find out your options by pushing "More Information" button below.

Australian Spouse / Partner Visas

If you plan to marry, are married to, or are in a committed relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to obtain a partner-based visa for immigration to Australia. Push the button below to find out all about it.

Australian Visitor Visas

If you are planning to visit Australia for recreation, tourism, to see any family or friends, business purposes or for a medical treatment, this is the right visa for you. See all the details by pushing the button below.

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