The following point calculator tells you what points you may expect against your personal details, for Australian immgration

Professional immigration to Australia involves moving to a permanent place of residence in Australia for professionals under the age of 50 years who have a good knowledge of English and have experience in the profession. 70% of people coming to Australia permanently reside in the program of professional immigration.

The scoring system described below refers to a subclass 190, 189 and 187 visas. On this system, the applicant's age, English language, education and length of service are scored. Additional points are awarded for studying in Australia, including study in the regions of Australia, knowledge of the language of one of the Australian communities (this includes Russian and Ukrainian languages), the qualification of the spouse, and the end of the approved Professional Year. The passing score is set at 65 points . 

As you can see, the selection criteria for professional immigrants remain at a high level. And if you take as an example the application of the average immigrant who has 6 points in the IELTS certificate, the picture will turn out to be not quite funny. This is 30 points for age (up to 32 years), 10 points for 5 years of Russian experience in the specialty and 15 points for higher education. Total, 55 points. Obviously, there is not enough 10 points to pass the mark. These missing 10 points can be dialed by passing the IELTS test in English by 7 points, which is not possible for every translator. Or the candidate or doctor of sciences can get these 10 points. The situation in which the applicant has such rare parameters as the experience of studying or working in Australia is not considered here. Of course, this is a passing and trump option, but unfortunately among Russian citizens such parameters are not often met. Summarizing the above, we note that with the introduction of the new selection system

After you have noted your expected points in each category, sum up to see your total score