This is only a brief introduction of the check list of the documents required to apply for an Australian visa. However the document details will depend upon many other factors, like your personal circumstances, your selected visa category, you nationality etc. 

Your Identity Documents

You should provide at least one of the following (in addition to your passport):

  • A birth certificate showing the names of both parents:

  • Identification page/pages of a family book / family registration showing the names of both parents

  • Identification page/pages of an identification document issued by the government like an I.D. Card

  • Identification page/pages of a court-issued document that proves your identity

  • Identification page/pages of a family census register.

Documents to support your expression of interest

You must provide documents to prove all of the claims you made in your EOI:


  • Skills Assessment Report

  • English language skills (like your IELTS or TOEFL result etc.)

  • Skilled Employment (like an experience letter from your employer / employers)

  • Qualifications Record

  • Age Confirmation documents (like a birth certificate)

  • Australian Study Requirement Record (only if you have studied in Australia)

  • Specialist Education Requirement Record (if you have claimed points for this)

  • Credentialed Community Language (if you have claimed points for this)

  • Study in Regional Australia (if you have claimed points for this)

  • Partner Skills (if you have claimed points for this)

  • Professional Year in Australia (if you have worked in Australia) 

Documents About Your Relationships

Depending upon your matrimonial status (married, widowed, divorced etc.), you will have to provide the proof of your current matrimonial status, documents of divorce, death certificate wedding certificate etc. You will also have to provide the full record of all of your dependents (even if they are / do not intend to apply for the visa with you).

Health Documents


After going through the health check up according to the visa guidelines, it will no longer be your responsibility to send your health report to the concerned authorities as this is the responsibility of your (recommended) physician who performed the medical checkup.  

Character Documents


If you served in the armed forces of any country, supply military service records or discharge papers, additional character documents may be required, depending upon your case.

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