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Visa Subclass 190

Complete information about Australian Skilled Immigration visa subclass 190

Australian Skilled Immigration Visa Subclass 190 - An introduction 

The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent residency skilled migration visa for people with an occupation in high demand in Australia's labour market. The visa is administered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If you have any qualifications, skills and experience in an occupation which listed on the Visa Nomination Occupations Lists, you may be eligible for Australian state visa nomination for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190). You also need to have the minimum point score in the point score test.

At different points of times, different skills/occupations are in demand in different Australian states. 


In order to receive a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), you will need to meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

Point Score

You must be able to meet the points score on your invitation letter. This score should be 60 or more.

The score on your invitation letter is based on the information in your EOI (for details about EOI, please see below).

You must be able to meet the points score eligibility at the time you are invited to apply for the visa.


You must be below age 45 years to lodge an application for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).

English language

You must also meet the English language requirements. Following are the English proficiency levels, acceptable for this visa class:

  1. Competent Level - This is the minimum acceptable English proficiency level which will give you no points in point score system.

  2. Proficient Level - This will give you 10 points in point score system.

  3. Superior Level - This will give you 20 points in point score system.


Click here to see the English language requirements.


To apply for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa, your occupation must be listed on the Visa Nomination Occupation List or the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Graduates. This list is continuously being updated. Therefore you need to refer to the most recently updated list to see if your occupation is on the list. As mentioned above, at different points of times, different skills/occupations are in demand in different Australian states. Thus the demand for a particular skill (e.g. beauticians) in Australia at a given point of time, will depend upon their demand in the individual Australian states i.e. its demand will vary from state to state.

Important: Not all occupations that appear on this list are eligible for the subclass 190 visa. Occupations that have a "Y" in column 4 are not eligible for the subclass 190 visa. We are unable to provide specific advice around this occupation list. Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border  for further information.

International PhD graduates
Some of the state governments like the Victorian Government offer a streamlined pathway for visa nomination for international PhD graduates. Applications will be priority processed within two weeks and applicants must meet all eligibility requirements to apply.


You must of good character. Click here to see the character requirements.


You must meet the health requirements (please see below "the organized health check up").


You must be invited to apply for the visa.You will receive an invitation to apply for a visa if you are nominated by an Australian state or territory. This can happen when you have submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SkillSelect (for details, please refer to the  Expression of Interest section below)

Cancelled visas

You might not eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.


When you migrate to Australia you need to make sure that you have enough financial resources available for you and any dependent family members. Financial resource requirements are in place to ensure you can support yourself and your family before you find work.

Offer of employment

This condition applies ONLY if you are currently living in another Australian state.

It is NOT compulsory to have a job offer from Australia. However, if you can, it will improve your chances for a successful case, if you are applying outside Australia.

To demonstrate evidence of a job offer, you’re required to provide a contract or letter of offer from an employer in your selected Australian state, which includes your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) external link and contact details. The employment must be in the nominated occupation for permanent (not casual) work, for at least 20 hours per week, and for at least six continuous months.

Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest let them know you want this visa and provide them with information that helps state and territory governments decide whether to nominate you for the visa.

Note: You can indicate, in the EOI, the states and territories you are interested in.

You must submit an expression of interest (EOI) if you would like to be invited to apply for this visa.

EOIs are completed online via Skill Select and are valid for two years. There is no cost associated with them.

 Applying for the Visa 

Follow the following steps to apply for this visa:

 1.   Before you submit your expression of interest

A. Check your points

Check that you can score at least 60 points in the points test. State and territory agencies can only view your EOI and nominate your for a visa if you score 60 or more points.
If you are invited to apply for the visa, you must prove that the points you claim are correct.

B. Gather your documents

If you receive an invitation and apply for the visa, you will need to provide documents that prove all of the claims you make in your EOI that support other eligibility criteria for the visa.

It is preferable that you have all of these documents before you submit your EOI.

You need documents for :

  • Applicant documents

  • Documents for dependents under 18

  • Documents for dependents 18 or older

  • Documents for your partner

  • Documents for non-migrating family members

C. Prepare your documents

It is preferable that you prepare all your documents before you submit your EOI.

  • All non-English documents must be translated into English. 

  • Translators in Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

  • Translators outside Australia do not need to be accredited, but they must endorse the translation with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated.

  • Scan all documents (English and non-English documents) in colour in readiness to attach to your visa application. The scanned documents must be legible.

  • Your documents do not have to be certified.

  • When you apply for the visa, send a document only once, even if you are using it as evidence for more than one criterion.

Click here to see a basic required documents check list.

D. Check your occupation

Check that your occupation is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations.

E. Get a skills assessment

Your skills and qualifications need to be assessed so they know you can work in your nominated occupation.The assessment must be undertaken by a relevant assessing authority. Assessing authorities are listed against occupations in the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations. You might have to pay a fee to the assessing authority.

You must have the results of your skills assessment to submit an EOI.

 2.   Submit your expression of interest

Expression of Interests or EOIs are created and submitted through the online system SkillSelect. Make sure you select the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).You will receive an email confirming that your EOI has been submitted.

(SkillSelect is an online service that ​helps Australia manage its skilled migration program. It helps to ensure that the skilled migration program is based on Australia's economic needs. It supports the government in managing who can apply for skilled migration, when they can apply and in what numbers. As a result, the time taken to process a visa application is significantly reduced).

 3.   After you submit your expression of interest

You can make changes to your EOI before you are invited to apply for the visa.

However if you are in Australia and submit an EOI in Australia and your current visa is about to expire, you must apply for another visa to stay in Australia.

You are not eligible for a bridging visa because the EOI is not a visa application. You are only eligible for a bridging visa after you are invited and apply for this visa.

 4.   After you receive an invitation to apply for the visa

Apply for the visa within 60 calendar days

  • It can take upto two years after submitting your EOI, before you receive an invitation . If you are invited to apply for the visa, you will receive an email from SkillSelect. Receiving an invitation does not mean you will be granted the visa.

  • If you are invited, you have 60 calendar days to apply for the visa. This time will not be extended.

  • The invitation will include a points score based on your EOI claims. You must prove that you can meet the points score and satisfy all other eligibility criteria. If you cannot meet this points score and all other eligibility criteria, you will not be granted the visa.

  • If you do not apply for the visa after two invitations, your EOI will be removed from SkillSelect.

  • You will not receive an invitation if you turn 45 during the process.

  • If you cannot demonstrate that you can meet the points score and satisfy all other eligibility criteria you should not apply for the visa at this time. If you want to update your EOI to better reflect your points score, you can do so after the 60 day invitation period has elapsed.

  • If this is your first invitation, you might be sent a second invitation after the 60 day invitation period has elapsed

  • If this is your second invitation, you will have to submit another EOI if you still want the visa.

 5.   Organise health check up

It is preferred that you and your family members have health checks before you apply for the visa.
You will pay a fee for the checks and the results are valid for one year. If you undertake a health check before you apply and it takes longer than a year to process your application, you will need to undertake, and pay for, the checks again.

Undertaking health checks after you lodge your application may cause processing delays, though it is possible. Please NOTE that you can get your health checks ONLY from the doctors recommended by Australian High Commission in your country. Follow the following steps to start you med checks process:

  • Find out the checks you need

  • If you have not lodged your application, you can find out the checks you and your family members need through their online system ImmiAccount.

  • If you don’t have an ImmiAccount, you need to create one.

  • If you already have an ImmiAccount, log into it.

  • When you are in your ImmiAccount, create a New application and then select Health > My Health Declarations.

  • After completing My Health Declarations, you will automatically be directed to the online system eMedical Client where you will answer questions about your medical history and receive advice regarding health checks.

 6.   Apply for the visa online

  • You have 60 days from the date of your invitation to apply for the visa.

  • You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for the visa.

  • To start your application, Log into your SkillSelect account.

  • When you are in your SkillSelect account, click the “Apply Visa” button. This will take you to our online application system – ImmiAccount.

  • Log into your ImmiAccount or create an ImmiAccount if you do not have one.

  • Note that your ImmiAccount will have a different username and password to your EOI.

  • The visa application form will be available when you are in your ImmiAccount.

 7.   After you apply

Provide Biometrics

You might need to provide biometrics (fingerprints and photo). They will let you know if you need to provide them.

Health checks

If you did not have health checks before you applied, you will need to have them when they tell you to.

Send more information or documents

  • If you did not include all relevant documents when you applied, attach them to your ImmiAccount as soon as you can.

  • If we request documents, you will usually have 28 days to provide them. Generally, we will not continue to process your application or respond to email enquiries during this 28 day period.

Pay the second installment if applicable

If you need to pay the second installment, they will send you an invoice for the installment after you have met all other requirements for the visa.

Add family members

It is possible to add a partner or dependent child to your application any time before we make a decision on your visa. Attach evidence of your relationship and the family member’s passport to your ImmiAccount.

You will also need to complete and send Form 1436 - Adding an additional applicant after lodgement.

If your child is born after you lodge your application but before a decision is made, attach to your ImmiAccount the following:

  • A completed Form 1022 - Notification of changes in circumstances 

  • The child’s birth certificate

  • The child’s passport, when obtained.

  • When we receive the form and birth certificate:

  • The child will be added to your visa application

  • We will request a health check for the child

  • If the child was born in Australia, they will automatically be granted the same visa you held at the time of their birth.

  • If you are eligible for grant of the visa, we will need a copy of your child’s passport before decision.

Tell them of changes
It is important that you tell them if:

  • There are any changes to your circumstances, for example change of address, telephone number or birth of a child

  • You made a mistake on your application

  • You need to provide more information

  • You want to withdraw your application.

Detailed information about updating is available at the Tell us of Changes tab.

 Visa Details 

What you can do on this visa

This is a permanent visa. It lets you:

  • Stay in Australia indefinitely

  • Work and study in Australia

  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses

  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence

  • Travel to and from Australia for five years

  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.


From AUD 3,670 (for the main applicant only)

You might have to pay additional costs.
Use the visa pricing estimator is an online tool that calculates the total cost of your visa.


How long the visa processing takes

Depending upon how well-prepared your application was and from which country you are applying, the visa processing can take from 8 to 12 months.

How long the visa lasts
This is a permanent visa – it lasts indefinitely. The visa starts on the date it is granted.


You can travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want for five years after the visa is granted.



 Documents Required To Apply for Subclass 190 for   Australian Immigration 


Click here to see a basic required documents check list.

 Visa Tips 

  1. Different Skills are in demand in different Australian states. Keep checking your skill & occupation on the updated list.

  2.  In the point scores, there are some factors about which you cannot do anything like your age. So concentrate on the factors about which you can do something, like your English score.

  3. Try to use the services of a professional immigration consultant before applying for any step of the visa process. This is because if you make a big mistake in your application, no one can help you after you have lodged this application.

  4. Always get an assessment of your case for a certain visa class even before making any decision.

  5. Australian government keeps on suspending different visa sub classes for certain period of time from time to time. Make sure that your selected visa sub class is still open.