This is only a brief introduction of the check list of the documents required from the Australian employer to lodge his nomination for the visa. However the document details may depend upon many other factors as well. REMEMBER: You cannot provide these documents directly to the authorities. But your (prospective) provides these  documents directly to the authorities when he lodges your online nomination. 

You employer must provide documents to support your application for the nomination for this visa. They can make a decision using the information your employer has provided when you lodge your application. It is in your interest to provide as much information from your employer as possible with your application.

You must arrange certified copies of your employer's original documents (instead of the original documents unless they specifically ask for them). Those documents which are not in English must be presented along with an accredited English translations.

Your employer (your sponsor) can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO for Organisations) to check your visa status and entitlements of people he/she is sponsoring.

Nomination Forms

A completed nomination form at Application for Employer Nomination for a Permanent Appointment which includes a certification regarding paying for visa sponsorship.

 Documents Required for Employer Nominations 


  1. An employment contract for a full-time current position in the organization, indicating the basic salary and all the  terms & conditions of the employment.

In case there are other Australian citizens, performing similar work in the nominator’s (or employer's)  workplace at the same location then your employer also needs to provide additional documents like, copies of certified agreements,  references to industrial awards, copies of relevant employment contracts, payslips etc.

 However, if there are no Australian citizens doing same work in the workplace of the employer, at the same location, then the following documents may be required:

  • References to or copies of remuneration surveys

  • Similar job vacancy advertisements by the employer

  • References to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook

  • References to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Employee Earnings / Hours Survey

  • A written advice from the concerned employer associations / unions

  • A statement explaining how the attached evidence was used to determine the terms and conditions of employment, being offered to the nominee


    2. If your employer has  a business that has been actively operating for more than 12 months,                              he/she must provide:

  • The audited balance sheet of the business for the last concluded fiscal year with comparative figures for previous fiscal year, and profit and loss statement (statement of performance) for the past fiscal year with comparative figures for the previous fiscal year; or

  • The business tax returns for the last concluded fiscal year; and

  • If the fiscal period to which the financial statements or tax returns submitted are related, ended more than three months before the application was lodged – a business activity statement (BAS) for each complete quarter between the end of the fiscal period and the date of application lodgement

    3. If your employer has a business that has been operating less than 12 months, he/she must provide:

  • His / her business activity statements for each completed quarter from commencement of operations to the lodgement of the nomination; and

  • The business bank account statements for the period from commencement of operations to time of  the lodgement of the nomination.

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