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Hot Visas is a platform to provide you the latest and updated information of different types of Immigration Visas, Visit Visas, Student Visas and Spouse Visas, by visa and immigration experts. You can find the information about some of the most popular visas (whom we cal Hot Visas) on this website. For Example, you can find information about some of the most popular visas like Canadian immigration, UK visit visa, Australian immigration,UK spouse visa, Ireland visit visa, schengen visas, US visa etc.

However, for each of these countries we provide information on all four popular visa categories. This means that you can get information on Immigration visas, Spouse visas,Visit visas and student visas, for Australia, Canada, Ireland, Schengen Countries, UK and US. Not only we provide you FREE and Complete information on these visas, we also give you FREE assessment for yourself for any of these types of visas you may like to apply for.


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With our 22 years of experience, you can be sure to have the best expertise on processing your visa application (whether that is for immigration visa, visit visa, spouse visa, student visa or any other type of a popular visa) as immigration experts. A professional and experienced visa consultant can give you visa advise which can make all the difference in your visa application.